Maeve and Lilly

August 2009 Entries

Summer Is Gone

Monday, August 31st, 2009

 Well this is embarrassing. I haven’t posted all summer long. The longer I put it off, the more daunting it became. Now there’s no possible way to catch up, so here goes…

Governor Nelson State Park

  • The girls went to Out And About Day Camp again this year. They had field trips every day: bowling, the library, karate in town, and trips further afield like the EAA in Oshkosh and Miller Park in Milwaukee.
  • Lilly had a chance to reconnect with Sonja so that now they’re BFFs again. Some fences were also apparently mended between Lilly and former BFF Riley. They had a couple of invitations and play dates back and forth and there appears to be an uneasy truce.
  • “Grandma” Betty (our next-door neighbor) took the girls to Rhythm and Booms in Madison and to quite a few Wednesday-night concerts at Firemans Park in DeForest. She also took them swimming at Penny’s pool on a weekly basis.
  • Maeve lost several teeth amid lots of blood and drama.
  • The first-sleepover milestone came and went for Maeve at her friend Nora’s house.
  • The girls completed another round of swim lessons. Maeve is doing well but the instructors told Lilly she should think about joining a swim team.
  • We continued to read Harry Potter for bedtime stories; we are now on year five (The Order of the Phoenix).
  • Maeve is a trip. She just interjects statements like: “That’s how I roll.” “What were ya thinkin’?” “Come on people.” “Excuse me I’m going to toot — got some gas comin’ through.”
  • Maeve’s reading skills border on amazing. She seems to be well beyond where Lilly was on the cusp of first grade. I’m constantly asking her if she’s read something before or whether someone told her what a sign was.
  • Lilly kept up on her multiplication flash cards all summer and is now flawless up to the twelves. She also continues to read voraciously.