Maeve and Lilly

Christmas Photos

January 11th, 2010

Rochester Train Station Photos from the train journey to New York and back are now up. Marvel at the beauty of the girls and giggle and the antics with their baby cousin Adrianna.

At left, Maeve in the Rochester station with a freight train hurtling by outside.

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  1. Ruth Feece says:

    Hi all,
    So…….. long since we’ve connected. I guess we’re both to blame. I loved reading your entries and seeing all the photos. The Feece family is doing great. Good holidays and now looking forward to SPRING. (Note my new e-mail) Talked to brother Jim and sounds like he is planning a trip out this way. After he sees you he will head to Galena. That will be nice. He hasn’t been in the area since Chris got married. Hope you are all doing fine and drop a line when you have time. Give the girls a hug!
    Aunt Ruth